The Letter “A” Is My Bae

Animal. Attack. Attorney. Advocate. Alpha. I’m an anonymous writer who’s obsessed with the letter ‘A’. Each time I post to my blog, you will learn about a new word, business, theme, project, or topic that interests me, but only if it starts with the letter ‘A’. Yup. I’m all about this astounding letter of the alphabet; one could say it’s my bae. 

It’s first place in my book, first in line, and it’s aces. Absolutely amazing! ‘A’ is an articulate article of the adorable alphabet. A is agreeable, adaptable, and ageless!

You’re Gonna Need Some More Information? Awesome.

What possibly possessed me to start a website about the first letter of the alphabet? 

A. Is it because it’s the letter I like best? 

B. Maybe I didn’t get straight As in school, so I’m making up for it now? 

C. Perhaps it’s because my name starts with A. 

D. Maybe it’s because my boss’s name starts with A and he made me do this? 

E. Maybe it’s because the boy I like has a name that starts with A?

F. Maybe it’s because I am awestruck at A’s audaciousness . . . at A’s need to be the first in all the things?

Maybe it’s all of the above, but we’re going to select A, because it’s letter A.

Whatever the real reason is that I came to find this letter so appealing, I may never know for sure. Either way, we’re all getting behind A.

Topics I Cover 

The world is an astounding place, and I’m interested in pretty much every topic you could imagine. However, I’m more interested in topics that start with the letter A. There is no topic that I won’t discuss on my blog, so long as A leads the way. 

  • Are you interested in astronauts? Funny, so am I. 
  • Are you into automobiles? No way! Me too! 
  • What about anteaters? They’re silly looking, aren’t they? 
  • How about the study of archeology? It’s a fascinating subject. 
  • Does Amsterdam tickle your fancy? Yeah, I’m dying to go there, too. 

As you can see, A’s got you covered.

Always Come Back Again

You are already on board, aren’t you? A is more fascinating than you probably ever realized. It’s an authentic article designed with communication in mind. A comes first for a reason—because it’s the best of the best. 

You are going to adore all the absurd, awkward, alarming, alluring, and absorbing topics we will cover here. Be adventurous, and join me in my adoration for the letter A.